Latest Product- Age of Expansion #03: Guilds of Rivermarch I

Age of Expansion is a series centered around Corelad, my 5th Edition campaign setting. The third issue explores the trade city of Rivermarch and the great guilds there.


  • Explore the bustling city of Rivermarch, a large trade city run by guilds
  • A history of the largest guild in the city, Eleven Marks
  • Overview of Lo-Jen, god of trade, and his worshippers
  • New monster statblock: Eleven Marks defender
  • Magic items: sacred markscroll of fair trade, and the artifact tarnished crown of Lo-Jen
  • Information on the racial makeup of Rivermarch
  • Overview and stats for a new player race, the birdlike bennu
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I dissect how various XCOM games handle mission structure and variety, as well as the basics of loot and research.

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