Website-Exclusive Discount- Ranger Odditorium: Backgrounds and Beasts for $1

Because they live on the outskirts of society, rangers often come from odd backgrounds or befriend bizarre animals. This product presents many new options for any hero, though they were designed with the ranger in mind.


  • Two new backgrounds, the outcast and the scavenger
  • Five new creatures that are compatible with the beast master ranger archetype
  • Seven original illustrations by Kelsey Peterson

Normally this product costs $2, but visitors to this website can get it for the special price of $1 by following this link.
This discount is valid until January 31, 2018.

Latest Product- Caribou and Flying Reindeer

In time for the holidays, add caribou and the enchanted (or cursed) flying reindeer to your campaigns.


  • A new creature compatible with the beast master animal companion rules, the caribou
  • Learn the dark secrets behind the festive holiday animals, flying reindeer
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Latest Blog Post- My Patreon is Ending

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